Rocket Cleaning Products

Rocket Shampoos and Cleaners: The Chemistry is Right

Some car washes, including self-described “touch-less” facilities, use harsh detergents and other substances.  In fact, the so-called touch-less process can only remove road grime by using these substances.  This process can strip away a micro thin layer from paint with each wash, and even etch the glass.


That’s why Rocket Express not only utilizes our state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, we also have our shampoos and cleaning agents custom made to our specifications.


”Going the extra mile to protect your car’s “showroom shine”:

Even with regular washing and without special protection, UV rays, airborne contaminants, acids from leaf stains, tree sap, bug spatter and bird droppings can eat through the micro-thin top layer of factory-applied “clear coat”. This “clear coat” gives new and well-maintained vehicles their showroom shine. 


To provide this special protection, Rocket Express applies Blazin’ Glaze, a premium Turtle Wax product, to your vehicle’s surface.  This product contains double the amount of Carnauba Wax for superior protection.