our commitment.

Rocket Express is proud of its ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

EARTH FRIENDLY CLEANING PRODUCTS | Rocket Express applies ONLY earth friendly cleaning products to every vehicle. We DO NOT use harmful products such as Hydroflouric Acid, a known carcinogen, which is corrosive and damaging to the environment, including municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

WATER RECLAMATION | Rocket Express utilizes water reclamation systems that allow us to reclaim up to 80% of every drop of water in the wash process.

SOLAR POWER |  Rocket Express operates several solar powered locations.  In fact, when constructed, the Boise (Cloverdale/Fairview) car wash was the second largest solar power generation facility in all of the Treasure Valley!


You can do your part too!  Everyday your vehicle collects corrosive and toxic chemicals from the street. Some people choose to wash their cars at home, not realizing that run-off water created in the process runs right into our agricultural farmlands and watersheds. At the Rocket, we gather all the harmful ingredients into one single place and properly dispose of them in the right place. Not washing your car at home is an easy way you can help keep our environment clean. 

The Rocket also uses far less H2O per car vs. the ‘at home driveway’ car wash.  About seven times less!

Buying a car wash at Rocket Express also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.